Apple Develops Touchscreen MacBook

It has been claimed that Apple has rolled up its sleeves for the touchscreen MacBook Pro. According to veteran technology editor Mark Gurman, this product will only be available in 2025. If Gurman’s claim turns out to be true, Apple will again have made an innovation that will make Steve Jobs’ bones ache.

from Bloomberg analysts Mark Gurmanmade a remarkable statement about the US-based technology giant Apple. According to the statement, Apple will break the stubbornness it has maintained for years and with touch screen will produce a MacBook Pro. It is stated that this product, whose features are not yet known, will be launched in 2025.

In fact, Apple has come up with touchscreen Mac models in the past. In fact, according to Craig Federighi, a well-known name in the industry prototype even produced. However, Apple’s stubbornness from the past prevented the MacBook Pro with a touchscreen from going into mass production. Allegations indicate that this situation will change in the coming years.

Steve Jobs found touchscreen laptops ergonomically ‘lousy’

The touchscreen laptop is certainly not a new product. Many companies have already released dozens of touchscreen computers to date. However, Apple is using this technology. Since the Steve Jobs era he doesn’t like. Even when Steve Jobs introduced the iPad, “E”ergonomically lousy touchscreen laptopHe even used the phrase “. If Mark Gurman’s claim turns out to be true, it’s a little bit more of Apple’s line of Steve Jobs. will go away We can easily say.


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Meanwhile; Information about the touchscreen MacBook Pro is quite limited. Gurman says this laptop will have the same form factor as the regular MacBook Pro, without a major change. Therefore, we can say that -if introduced- the touchscreen MacBook Pro will appear with new macOS features rather than a new design.

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