Apple Delays Mixed Reality Glasses Again

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has again postponed the mass production of mixed reality glasses, which it could not introduce. Kuo added that contrary to expectations, the device may not be shown at WWDC 2023.

Technology giant Apple announced yesterday that the 2023 leg of its annual developer conference, WWDC, will be held between June 5-9. Many things are expected to be unveiled at the conference, from iOS 17 to MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with 15-inch displays.

One of the things we expected the company to announce at WWDC was the mixed reality goggles that have been working on for years. However, renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo may not happen made allegations.

Apple delays mass production of the title again

Kuo shared today to tweet According to Apple, the mixed reality headset postpone mass production once again took the decision. Afterwards, he added that the eagerly awaited glasses may not appear at the conference in June. The famous analyst said that Apple’s glasses are a “He is not very optimistic about whether it will create the “iPhone effect”. says.

Allegedly, the mass production of the glasses was postponed to the third quarter of 2023. This delay also means that the 2023 shipment of the device is much lower than expected. 200-300 thousand demonstrated that levels of In the previous information, it was stated that this amount is expected to be around 500 thousand.

Apple’s concerns about the device; The economic downturn is allegedly caused by the weight of the device, the high price, and the lack of readiness of the headset’s ecosystem and apps. Kuo also 3,000 to 4,000 dollars He says it can have a pretty high price around.


Apple Introduces The Long-awaited Mixed Reality Glasses ‘Itself’ (Close to Show Us)

Information about the mixed reality glasses returning to the company’s hair has increased recently. It was seen that the device was introduced in the company in the past days. On the other hand, it was stated that it could come with many good features such as creating applications with Siri, eye tracking, and it could have the name “Reality Pro”. Finally, let’s add that the operating system of the device will be ‘xrOS’.

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