Apple customers revolt: Orders cancelled?

The fluctuation in the exchange rate continues at full speed. This situation, which has caused historical hikes in the last few days, also negatively affects the consumer electronics market. Many companies update prices in accordance with exchange rates. Finally, among these companies apple also participated. USAtech giant, TurkeyIt has decided to stop the sales in its stores and make a raise.

Closed since yesterday evening Apple Store, has not been opened yet. Therefore, customers in our country do not know how the new prices will be. While the tense wait continued, scandalous allegations were made. Some social media users claimed that Apple canceled orders placed in the last few days.

How much will the increased prices of iPhone models be?

On November 23, Apple stopped the sale of all products, especially the iPhone models. What will the increased prices be like?

Apple cancels iPhone orders

Apple StoreAfter the shutdown, many users who have already placed orders were relieved. However, that joy did not last long. Some customers claimed that their order was canceled for an unknown reason and the money they spent was refunded to their cards.

While there is no official evidence that Apple has canceled orders yet, there has been no official statement from the company on the subject. However, after the event escalated on social media, an official announcement is expected soon. Unfortunately in case this is true; Users need to apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committee or buy at the current price. So what will the new prices be like?

Prices of smartphones sold in our country 96.47 percentIt is sold with a tax of . But companies do not follow the same price policy in every country. For example, a firm is tax-free. from $700 promoting the product in another country $650 can sell. So according to its location by lowering the rate of profit can follow a market strategy.

However, it is currently unknown what strategy the company will follow in the future. So what do you think about this subject? Do you think Apple will victimize its users? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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