Apple Bagdat Street Store Sharing by Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook made a special post about the Apple Bagdat Street store opened in Istanbul today. Cook announced the store to the world in his sharing.

Apple, which does not have many physical stores in our country, opened a brand new store in Istanbul’s Bağdat Street today. The store, whose posters we saw at the location where it will be opened before, was opened with the events held today, is Apple’s last opened physical store it happened.

The store, which draws attention with its stylish architecture and design, is the CEO of Apple today. Tim Cook’s it was also on the tongue. Tim Cook shared on his Twitter account Apple Bagdat Street He shared a photo of his store and included a message. Tim Cook’s post was as follows:

Tim Cook’s post:

Meet our new beautiful store in Istanbul, Apple Bağdat Caddesi. We are delighted to be part of this vibrant community and look forward to welcoming customers into this amazing new space.


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Apple Bagdat Street store became the third retail store that the company put into service in Turkey. Apple’s other two stores In Istanbul Akasya AVM and At Istanbul Zorlu Center is located.

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