Apple Bagdat Street opening date announced

It is Turkey’s third and Europe’s largest Apple store. Apple Bagdat Street The expected explanation has arrived. The store, whose official announcement was made with the completion of the exterior coatings prepared by Murat Palta, was opened for preliminary visits.

While various claims have been made about the opening date of the store in recent days, Apple put the last point with the statement it made on Newsroom, and Apple said that it was located on Bağdat Caddesi. October 22, 2021 announced that it will open its doors on

Apple Bagdat Street opens its doors on October 22

To celebrate the opening of the store, which will frequently host Today at Apple events, the PPerspective Istanbul training will be held.

With creative technologists Tin Nguyen and Ed Cutting Turkish voice artist Oğuz Öner In the store, which also hosts a special augmented reality (AR) exhibition developed by A.Ş., visitors will be able to see ceramic pots inspired by traditional paper art Ebru on their screens and hear spatial sound elements on AR, via the LiDAR sensor in the new iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro. .

According to unofficial sources, Apple has not released this store yet. 24 million 678 thousand dollars invested. In this context, the number of visitors the company expects to the store annually 1,080,000 declared as.

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