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As part of Apple’s recent WWDC23 event, the new tvOS version developed for Apple TV devices was also introduced. It has been announced that with tvOS 17, which will appear in the fall, it will be possible to connect to third-party VPN networks. This innovation, which will make internet access unlimited in our country, where we face various restrictions from time to time, seems to work very well. Here are the details

You will be able to download any VPN app on your Apple TV

With tvOS 17, which will be released shortly, support for third-party VPN applications will be introduced into the user experience. Thus, users will be able to have an unlimited streaming experience on their Apple TV by downloading their preferred VPN application whenever they want. This important innovation, which will bring the user experience to the next level, will be accessible after the update.

As you know, VPN is a private network that encrypts your activity on the internet and forwards your browser requests to the target server through a secure server. VPN applications, which are frequently used due to the possibility of surfing the Internet anonymously and accessing through different locations, are used effectively especially to overcome the restrictions imposed by the states. Considering that VPN use is extremely popular in our country, which aims to control internet access, we can say that this move of Apple is extremely useful for us as well.

OnlyFans is banned in Turkey!

OnlyFans is banned in Turkey!

After the negative developments in the last days, OnlyFans website cannot be accessed from Turkey. Here are the details…

So, what do you think about this issue? Are you satisfied with this development of Apple? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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