Apple, Amazon and Netflix Compete for FTX and Founder SBF: Who Will Get Streaming Rights to the Movie?

Apple, Amazon, and Netflix are vying for the movie rights to the story of FTX’s downfall, penned by journalist and author Michael Lewis, of popular previously made books like “The Big Short.”

According to the news presented by Deadline apple popular US writer Michael Lewis, FTX about to reach a settlement for the copyrights of a story of its collapse. According to the reported information, Apple made a serious offer to turn Michael Lewis’s upcoming book into a movie, but the company’s Netflix and of Amazon It is said to be facing intense competition. Your resources in seven digits If the agreement he stated is completed, Apple will be responsible for the project. Netflix and Amazon will outperform its competitors.

Lewis on the subject to Financial News In his statement he made the following statements:

I guess it’s possible that it’s framed as a crypto book, but it won’t be a crypto book. It will be about a truly extraordinary character. You will learn all about crypto and what is ruining the market structure in the USA etc. you will see.

In the news, moneyball, The Big Short and The Blind Side The author of books such as Lewis’s FTX for the last 6 months and the founder Sam Bankman-FriedIt was stated that he followed closely and had a good command of the developments:

Lewis’ book will attempt to explain what happened to Bankman-Fried, who was forced to put his luxury resort in the Bahamas up for sale, and deal with the fallout that has caused a number of celebrities, including Tom Brady and Larry David, to be sued for their roles in promoting the resort. .

We heard last week that other names revolving around the project include Amazon Studios, David Heyman, writers Wells Tower and David Yates, Netflix with David Fincher, and Sugar23 with Josh Gad.

On the other hand, the Oscar-nominated director recently David Darg and XTR about Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of the movie studios, the FTX crash, and the stock market a documentary film announced that he was prepared to do so.

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