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We are here with the review video of AOC 24V5CBK, the new monitor of the AOC brand, known for its monitors for work and play. What does the 27-inch monitor offer?

AOC 24V5CBK review!

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The AOC 24V5C monitor houses a 24” IPS panel with FHD resolution in its three-sided frameless chassis, providing a comfortable and awesome viewing experience. Get complete connectivity options with USB-C hardware with up to 65W Power Output, 4 USB ports, HDMI and DisplayPort support. Thanks to Windows Hello, it offers easy and secure login.

This display panel with a 75 Hz refresh rate displays 75 frames per second. While the 75Hz refresh rate is 25% faster than most entry-level displays at 60Hz, it’s still affordable and shows the extra frames gamers will need to beat their opponents.

AOC Flicker-Free Technology uses a DC (Direct Current) applied backlight panel that reduces flickering light levels. USB-C is an emerging technology that provides faster data transfer, display signal and power to charge your devices while you work. Through a single thin cable, AOC USB-C technology can supply up to 65W of power to charge devices with low/high power needs.

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