Anti-Vaccine Sticks Leech On His Arm To Absorb The Vaccine

There was an interesting incident that showed how anti-vaccine has become a madness. A nurse who shared on Twitter told what a citizen who came to his hospital and had vaccination to avoid PCR testing did. What you will read in this content will make you forget everything you have read about the anti-vaccination.

The most effective weapon in the fight against coronavirus the number of people who refused the vaccine, Turkey is not less at all. Moreover, some of them recently held a rally in Istanbul. Successive developments show that it will not be easy to fight against vaccine opposition.

To date, we have shared with you countless content on the opposition to vaccines. But what a nurse shared on Twitter is everything you’ve read so far. it was forgettable. incident that happened Twitter account “I am in the shock of my life right now,” the nurse said. he said, almost revolted. So what happened? Request that anti-vaccination is indeed a situation that needs to be examined. revealing event…

Someone who got the vaccine to avoid the PCR test tried to get rid of the vaccine with a leech.

According to the claims of the nurse in question, a citizen was obliged to those who were not vaccinated. To get rid of the PCR test The decision to vaccinate comes. Thereupon, the citizen, who got the vaccine at the hospital where the nurse works, as soon as he leaves the hospital. sticks a leech on his arm. The reason why the citizen does such a thing is to use the blood-sucking feature of the leech. was to remove the vaccine fluid from his body


The Claim that Anti-Vaccinators Are Harmful Substances in Mask and PCR Tests Disproved

“Those who do not want to be vaccinated should suffer the consequences”

The nurse, who made a statement on Twitter, rightly for their effort she thinks it’s a pity. The health worker, who said that he was working while people were spending time with their families at home on Sunday, said that those who do not want to be vaccinated should be left to themselves and that these people should avoid the epidemic. to the conclusion their folding wants. We leave the full explanation of the nurse, who took a very rightful approach, right below…


I am currently in the shock of my life. We vaccinated the citizen who came to get vaccinated in order not to give PCR test. out in the garden he stuck a leech on his arm. Give up or give up so that he can absorb the vaccine… I swear, let those who want it get it done, and those who don’t want to suffer the consequences. pity sin, all this effort, all this money. On Sunday, everyone is spending time with their family at home, we are on our duty so that citizens can get a vaccine…