Anti-Bitcoin US Senator Supports SEC: Must Increase Pressure!

US Senator Elizabeth Warren, known for her stance on cryptocurrencies, has demanded that she double down on regulatory pressure on the cryptocurrency industry, which has been abused during the Trump era.

Senator Elizabeth Warren on January 25 American Economic Freedoms Projects made under the name in the interview, He made statements that worried the crypto money industry. In an interview with Warren, Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) crypto enforcement efforts “doubling up” wanted and the crypto industry for what will happen next. “you’re afraid” stated.

on the other hand Trump of the SEC team on duty throughout his administration, to the pyramids, rug pull to events and empty cryptocurrency projects “green light” Emphasizing that it burned, Warren implied that these attitudes caused hundreds of thousands of people to lose money. The Senator said Gensler, who took the seat of SEC Chair in 2021, is concerned about resolving some of the problems created by former SEC leaders under the Trump administration. “made a good start” expressed his support for the SEC.

It seems that the commission is still going strong. That’s why the cryptocurrency industry fears a powerful SEC, and millions of dollars are lobbying each year to evade SEC scrutiny.

of the SEC using all his might Reminding that he is obliged to protect US investors, Warren was not satisfied with this. The Senator, who advocated doubling the hardening of the current policy, urged the US Congress to support the SEC with all kinds of powers and resources. Stating that the SEC will provide the best order against cryptocurrencies in the USA, Senator, US regulatory institutions in the banking and similar sectors, some in the crypto money sector more accountability pressure against big players invited to do it.

On the other hand, the senator, who also made statements about the rejection of the Bitcoin ETF by the SEC, expressed this as the right decision.

Stating that this process should be carried out without compromising on miners, the senator expressed his concerns about Bitcoin mining in October last year and stated that the mining sector negatively impacting US climate targets had explained.

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