Another Increase in Gasoline and Diesel Oil: It Will Exceed 10 Lira

While the last hikes in fuel could not be digested, it was announced that another hike would be put into effect as of tonight. According to industry sources, with the new increase to be made, gasoline and diesel oil will exceed 10 TL.

In a news that we shared with you just yesterday, we have mentioned that the hefty price hikes in gasoline, diesel and LPG. we talked about. EPGISAccording to the statements of , to be effective as of 25 November 2021, 00:00; 1 lira 2 cents for gasoline, 1 lira 6 cents for diesel, 65 cents for LPG was increased. Citizens who heard the news, long queues at gas stations. they had formed… the latest news, herald that a new hike in fuel is on the way.

According to the information Sözcü obtained from industry sources, a hike in gasoline, diesel and LPG will come today. 46 cents in gasoline, 45 cents in diesel, 25 cents in LPG The hike will be applicable as of 00:00 on 26 November. Gasoline and diesel with the latest hikes to be made, It will exceed 10 Turkish lira.

It will be reflected in the pump prices

The new hike, which is learned to be valid as of tonight, will be directly reflected in the pump prices. The government has put in place to curb inflation. Esel Mobile System‘s self-destruct means that not only this hike, but all future hikes will be reflected in the pump. Where is the government going to compensate for the tax loss on fuel? matter of curiosity

What will the prices be like?

Fuel prices on the European side of Istanbul, with the increase implemented at 00:00 on 25 November; 9.67 TL for gasoline, 9.75 TL for diesel and 8.25 TL for LPG. New prices on 26 November at 00:00 for gasoline 10.13 TL, for diesel 10.20 TL, for LPG 8.50 TL will be recorded as

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