Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Has Access Problems! Altcoin Price Dropped!

Cryptocurrency The anxiety created by the bankruptcy of the stock market FTX led investors from centralized exchanges to decentralized exchanges.

Popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchange as the use of decentralized exchanges increases UniswapIt was claimed that there was an access problem in .

Chinese crypto journalist Colin Wu -alias Wu Blockchain- In his post on his twitter account, he reported that Uniswap has been closed for hours.

He also noted that users on Uniswap’s official Discord channel said they were unable to access Uniswap’s web app.

According to Coin Wu, this issue is related to Cloudflare redirect. Wu also reminded that users can use the current version via IPFS connections until the issue is resolved.

“Many users reported that the Uniswap website could not be opened. This is an ongoing issue for all users unable to access the Uniswap web application.

It’s an issue with Cloudflare routing, you can use the current version via IPFS links until it’s fixed.”

Apart from Coin Wu, software developer Vitto Rivabella at Alchemy also said that access to Uniswap’s web application is down.

The local token of the exchange after Uniswap’s access block UNI’There were also sudden sales. The price of UNI decreased by about 5% in the last 24 hours due to the sales.

at the time of writing UNIIt continues to trade at $5.79.

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