Another Country in the Final Corner for Crypto Regulations: Regulator and Date Announced

It has been announced that the Taiwan Financial Services Commission (FSC) will become the primary regulator of the cryptocurrency industry in the country.

a local agency March 20 In his news dated , Taiwan FSC Chairman of Huang Tien-Mu crypto industry in the country to the regulation made statements about it.

Minister Tien-Mu In the statements made by the FSC, cryptocurrencies will be inspected while specifying NFTs and other products covered by the FSC that you won’t be caught underlined.

Tien-Mu, the regulatory framework customer of their assets company from their assets separation, cryptocurrencies control and various anti-money laundering procedures stated that it will include

The President also during the drafting of legislation industry representatives with by negotiation for users trustworthy at the same time innovation for convenient to prepare legislation will be noticed expressed.

Assembly’s directives will be taken into account stated, at the earliest March or April until the end of the month of the legislation create and approval of was expected. If the legislation is approved, it will be the first time Tavyan has appointed an official regulator for the crypto ecosystem.

The regulation move is made by crypto money actors operating in the country. welcomed. Taipei-based fintech CEO of XREX Wayne Huangtogether with the industry’s regulation that you can grow expressed his support. Also, the CEO ready for cooperation He added that they are.

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