Another Blow To The Russian Crypto Exchange After The USA: Operation From The European Union!

A blow to the Russian cryptocurrency exchange Bitzlato, which was under investigation by the US Treasury Department last week, was also delivered by Europol, the European Union police agency.

Russian cryptocurrency exchange that was sanctioned by the US last week, Europol announced in an official statement on Monday. BitzlatoIt was announced that a money laundering operation was carried out against The operation, carried out by law enforcement agencies in Europe and the USA, among them the founder of Bitzlato Anatoly Legkodymovincluding the with the arrest of 5 people concluded. However, found to be criminal from $19 million While excess cryptocurrencies were confiscated, the total amount found on other cryptocurrency exchanges affiliated with Bitzlato 55 million dollars including more than 100 wallets also frozen.

According to the statement, returns on the stock market transactions nearly half were reported to be linked to criminal activities. The majority of these suspicious transactions in the stock market fraud, money laundering, ransomware and child abuse While it is revealed that the stock market is linked to activities such as $2.28 billion of the process to 46% corresponding of $1.08 billion It was declared that he was involved in a transaction connected with criminal activities.

Europol, Bitcoin (BTC), Dash (DASH) and Dogecoin (DOGE) He suggested further investigation of cryptocurrency exchanges to combat cybercrime, citing transactions in US dollars and Russian rubles, as well as numerous cryptocurrencies, including:

While converting crypto assets into fiat currencies is not illegal, investigations into cybercrime operators show that large volumes of criminal assets are flowing through the platform. The majority of suspicious transactions are linked to entities sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), while others are linked to cyber fraud, money laundering, ransomware and child abuse materials.

The US Treasury Department’s announcement that it sanctioned the Russian cryptocurrency exchange Bitzlato and its founder last week caused speculation in the cryptocurrency market.

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