Another Big Announcement from Gala Games (GALA)! Bought All Of This Altcoin!

According to the official Twitter account, altcoin TownStar (TOWN) named play-to-earn game GALA and will convert all TOWN tokens to GALA tokens at a ratio of 2:1.

This means that all TOWN tokens will be purchased by GALA at the specified rates. TownStar developer Benefactor, In the statement made by GALA on the official discord channel, he announced the latest news as follows:

To that end, we’re going to make a big change! As of today, we are announcing the end of TOWN.

We will replace all TOWNs with GALA.

The exchange rate for this transaction will be: 2 TOWN = 1 GALA
When Will Change Happen?

The exchange site will go live in the next 60 days.

Is there a time limit for change?

You will have at least 180 days to make the exchange.

Can I leave my TOWN in my treasure chest?

No, you have to mint them.

When will the new version of Townstar be released?

There will be a trial version by the end of January and we expect the full version to be released in February.”

In addition, the development was confirmed on the official Twitter account of Gala Games:

“Benefactor has announced that GALA will be the token that powers TownStarGame and will replace all TOWNs with GALA at a ratio of 2:1.”

*Not investment advice.

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