‘Annual Subscription’ Option Arrived for Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue has an annual subscription option. The subscription package, which is valid only for the web version, will reduce the user’s cost by 1 dollar per month.

Twitter, the world’s most popular microblogging platform, is the most popular after Elon Musk’s management. Twitter Blue remained on the agenda with its service. Twitter Blue allowed users to get blue clicks for money, which remained on the agenda for weeks. Moreover, in parallel with this, Twitter Blue subscriptions have been repeatedly raise has been made.

Now, there has been a remarkable development regarding Twitter Blue. for Twitter Blue annual subscription option started to be offered. Moreover, users will cost this service cheaper when they open an annual subscription.

Annual subscription comes cheap at $1 a month

When we look at the data shared on Twitter’s official support page, we can see that the Twitter Blue subscription is for the web version. 8 dollars per month we see that. This means that the user who is a Twitter Blue subscriber for a year will pay a total of $ 96. If the annual package is purchased, the amount to be paid is 84 dollars. The monthly cost will decrease by $1 and become $7 if the annual package is purchased.


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No annual package available for iOS (for now)

Twitter Blue

The same support page reveals that the annual package offer is exclusive to the web version only. Users who purchased Twitter Blue for iOS still $11 per month will continue to pay.

In this case, how would Twitter Blue Turkey prices be estimated?

When we look at the data in the App Store, the monthly price for Twitter Blue subscription in Turkey 249.99 TL we see that. This data is for the $11 monthly subscription. If rates stay that way, Twitter Blue’s annual subscription price will be $115 for the iOS ecosystem. This is instead of Twitter Blue’s 3,000 TL per year for iOS users. 2,612 TL means it will. For the Google ecosystem, we cannot make a guess. Because there is no mention of Twitter Blue in the Google Play Store.


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