Announcement of DeFi Altcoin Founder Made Pump-Dump Live in Token Price!

The social media posts of the founder of decentralized finance protocol Aave (AAVE) caused sudden price movements on the token.

Founder of AAVE Stani Kulichov yesterday evening twitter He came to the fore with his posts. Connected to its users with DeFi protocol “secret product launch”Declaring that he will announce the details of the AAVE, Kulechov created volatility on the price of AAVE.

That development is a Twitter Space The founder, who stated that he will announce it through his publication, at least 500 listeners without explanation and web3He added that he was not ready for this announcement.

The founder, who shared a countdown after this price fluctuation, posted at the end of the countdown. “he will be a father” announced. After realizing that the highly anticipated announcement was not related to the project, A sudden drop in AAVE lived.

These words of the founder set the AAVE price in those minutes. $89.6 level about $93.3, up 5% carried up to the level. created with artificial interest together 93 dollars With the understanding that the price announcement, which went up to the band, was not newsworthy, it was quickly 4% by losing value 89 dollars regressed to the band.

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