Announced: Women Only F1 Academy

Formula officials announced the new racing series, Formula Academy, where only women will compete and train. Women drivers who will compete in this series will be able to rise up to Formula 1.

When it comes to motorsports, the first type of racing that comes to mind for everyone who knows and does not know is usually Formula 1. In addition to this organization, where racers consisting of 10 teams and 20 drivers compete fiercely all year, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula 4, and Formula E Races are also organized.

In the official statement made by Formula 1 today, it was stated that a new one has been added to these racing series. This racing series, which will be organized under the name of Formula Academy, will be for women only.

Fighting against women

According to the statement made on the official website of Formula 1 in 2023 F1 Academy, which will begin, will be a race series where only women can compete. In the organization that will consist of 5 teams and 15 racers, 7 racing events will be organized and the budget of the racers will be only 150,000 Euros. Used in Formula 4 class same vehicles will be used. The organization also provides racers in various areas for their development at times outside of the race. Training will also be given. In this way, it will be aimed that female racers can be promoted from F1 Academy and compete in other Formula Series.

Competing in the F1 Academy, where professional teams will be located in the Formula 3 series, the racers will be competing in Formula 3, Formula 2 and They will gain the right to compete in Formula 1. In the long run, more female drivers will be included in Formula tracks thanks to this race series and It is aimed that women and men compete together on equal terms..


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A Formula-like organization for women only W Series‘s CEO, Catherine Bond Muir, congratulated Formula One officials and thanked them for providing such an opportunity for the development of female racers. At the same time, women racers competing in Formula Academy They can also upgrade to the W Series It is clearly stated in the article published by Formula.

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