Announced When The Minimum Wage Will Be Determined

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, announced that they want to complete the minimum wage negotiations as soon as possible. According to Bilgin, the minimum wage negotiations, which will start in December, will be completed in a week or two.

As we approach the month of December, regarding the year 2022 minimum fee Discussions began as to what the amount would be. The minimum wage amount, which concerns approximately 8 million employees, will be determined by negotiations to be held in December. Although a clear figure has not been expressed at the moment, the allegations indicate that the rate of increase in the minimum wage this year would be a little higher makes you think. So, when will the minimum wage amount for 2022 be determined?

Bargaining negotiations involving the government on the one hand and the commission formed on the other, are generally until the end of December would continue. However, the Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin Statements made by the company revealed that citizens will not have to wait for days this year. “We do not intend to wait until the end of December. We start at the beginning of December, We will finish in 1-2 weeks. This time we tend to finish early. Because; We are meeting with the parties, with our social partners. We are moving towards a compromise with them. The preliminary data of our research is that we can come to terms with them.” said Bilgin, the negotiations are short. will be completed in time has declared.

Tax cut is on the agenda

Minister Vedat Bilgin, who came to the agenda a while ago “No minimum wage tax.He also spoke about his recommendation. as it may be Mentioning that, Bilgin stated that tax deductions can be made in order to reduce the burden on the employer’s shoulders. However, on this in a clear assessment not found.


DİSK Announces Its Minimum Wage Demand for 2022

One of the issues that Vedat Bilgin mentioned is tiered minimum wage It was his suggestion. The Minister of Labor and Social Security, who opposed this proposal, “According to our laws, there is no gradual minimum wage, no regional minimum wage. There is no minimum wage according to the size of the business. It is the lowest wage that will directly save labour, and Applied throughout Turkey.” to the gradual minimum wage proposal by using the expressions closed the doors.

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