Announced There Could Be an Increase in Flu Cases This Year

Ege University Pediatric Infectious Diseases Department Head Prof. Dr. Zafer Kurugöl said that there may be an increase in flu cases this year. Kurugöl attributes this possibility to the weakness of immunity caused by not getting the flu for a long time, thanks to the use of masks.

Since the coronavirus epidemic broke out, the majority of people have been using masks, especially in public environments; This has prevented the spread of infections such as the flu. However, with the acceleration of the vaccination process, those who do not pay attention to the rules on protection from COVID-19 have increased this year. Flu cases are also expected to increase.

Ege University Pediatric Infectious Diseases Department Head Prof. Dr. Zafer Kurugöl, on the subject “Since flu cases were very few in our country last year, people’s resistance to flu and their immunity levels decreased. Society become more susceptible to the flu” said.

‘There has been a decrease in respiratory tract infections’

Kurugöl continued his words as follows:In the past 1.5 years with Covid-19, there has been a significant decrease in respiratory tract infections transmitted by droplets due to restrictions, but the situation may now be reversed. Schools were closed for 1.5 years. There was no human contact. Due to the restrictions, there was a significant decrease in respiratory tract infections transmitted by droplets. disease in children viral infections were almost never seen.

“Normally, a child has respiratory tract infections 8-10 times a year, but they have almost never been sick, especially during the Covid-19 period when they are at home. But now the situation has completely changed. Children are in frequent contact with each other at school. Human mobility has increased tremendously. life is almost completely back to normal. As a result, respiratory tract infections have already begun to appear.”

An increase is expected from November:

winter flu

“Right now There is an increase in the cases of croup in children in Turkey. It is a virus called parainfluenza that causes croup. With the cold weather in the coming months, I expect an increase in flu cases starting from November and December.”

Kurugöl pointed out that a more severe picture may arise if Covid-19 and flu coexist: “In order to prevent this negative situation, I especially recommend the flu vaccine this year. I especially recommend that people in the risk group, over the age of 65, and those with chronic diseases, should be vaccinated against the flu. Children in a group with a significant risk of flu with the opening of schools. I recommend that children get the flu vaccine as well..” said.

Coughing like barking at night in children:

child cough

Stating that children seem to be suffocating and hoarseness in croup disease, Prof. Dr. Zafer Kurugöl said that the disease especially affects children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years, coughing like barking at night, and that this disease difficulty breathingrecorded what caused it.

Kurugöl stated that viral infections in children are seasonal.Just like fish. Just as it is the season for bonito and bluefish in fish, then when the weather gets cold and snow falls, an influx of anchovy comes. The same is true for viruses. Rhinovirus and parainfluenza increase first. Later, As the weather gets colder, flu cases increase. In Turkey, the flu increases from November to December and causes epidemics in some years.” said.


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