Announced Partnership With The Chinese Version Of Instagram, Altcoin Price Takes Off

The local token price skyrocketed as blockchain project ConFlux (CFX) announced a partnership with Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), the Chinese version of Instagram.

Conflux shared on his official Twitter account on January 26. in the shipment, 200 million monthly announced that they were integrated into the Little Red Book application, which has many users. App users on the platform via ConFlux through integration NFT will be able to display.

Conflux CTO Ming Wu made the following statements in a statement on the subject:

We have become a bridge connecting the leading actors of the internet industry.

CFX, which started to rise with the announcement, $0.0324 from the levels from 70% getting too high 0.0554 dollar reached levels. According to CoinGecko data, CFX, which reached its all-time low (ATL) about 1 month ago, has been on the rise ever since. up 142% continues its steady rise. CFX at the time of writing from $0.05264 is being traded.

Approximately 2.1 billion supply of CFX, including government agencies in China. Collaboration with many important organizations exists. It is stated that the project, which is stated to provide low fees and enhanced network security, also has an agreement with McDonalds China.

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