Android 14 update released for Xiaomi 13 series

Google recently released its new mobile operating system Android 14 It will present to the user. It is currently in beta phase and there is not much time left for the stable version. At this point, while expectations are increasing, smartphone manufacturers are not standing idle.

Brands have already started working to distribute the new software to their own models through updates. What stands out at this point Xiaomi recently Android 14 Stable MIUI 14 based on beta began distributing its version for several models.

Xiaomi models receiving Android 14 Beta-based stable MIUI 14 update!

Googlehas not yet released the stable version of the Android 14 operating system. But it seems Xiaomi, he acts hastily. So much so that the brand has finally turned its sights globally after launching distribution efforts in China last month.

Xiaomi announced the launch of the Xiaomi 12T along with the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro models, which were introduced to users in Europe earlier this year. Stable MIUI 14 based on Android 14 Beta update beta usersHe started to distribute it. The versions of the updates released for the three models in question are respectively: 14.2.0 UMCMIXM, UMBMIXM And UMQMIXM shaped.

Xiaomi 14's launch date revealed in MIUI 15 codes!

Xiaomi 14’s launch date was revealed in MIUI 15 codes!

The launch date of the Xiaomi 14 series, which is expected to be introduced very soon, was revealed in the MIUI 15 codes. Here are the details!

5.4GB Reported to be file size Stable MIUI 14 based on Android 14 Beta of the update August 2023 It is stated that it also includes the security patch. The models that will be the first to receive the stable version of the new operating system are expected to be the ones we just mentioned.

on the other hand Android 14will bring many innovations to smartphones. The most striking among these is that you can design your own background with the artificial intelligence-supported application. You can also give partial permissions to applications instead of full permissions to access the gallery.

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