Android 13 features and release date become clear

For developers, a new Android version usually comes out in February. This gives developers an idea of ​​what should appear in the fall of that year, giving an idea of ​​what they can implement for future versions of their apps.

For consumers, the general release is usually announced by Google in June. A public beta version is then released. Afterwards, a public version is shared around October. Therefore, when we expect Android 13 to arrive this year, it coincides with the end of the year.

Samsung brought Android 12 to another phone!

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What are the Android 13 expectations?

First, the Android 13 version is expected to make some corrections to the user interface. Although Material You is liked by users, it is not without flaws. For example, if you go to the Internet in Notification Center, you may have to press this icon again to switch between Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, and Hotspot.

Android 13

In addition, the Scrolling Screenshots feature is expected to arrive for all but not some apps. This feature was introduced for some apps in Android 12 where you could take a screenshot of a web page, but where Android combined the content into a single image.

Although it’s a useful feature, it requires developers to add a “View-based UI” to the app. Otherwise, scrolling the screenshots is not a good option for users.

Android 13 - Apple Home Pod

Another expected feature will be back-tap detection. This was first revealed in the beta version of Android 11 in 2020 for the Pixel 4 series and other smartphones. It’s a feature already available in Apple’s iOS 15 where you can customize the back-tap gesture on the iPhone, for example launching the Camera app.

According to some leaks, an innovation similar to the feature that is also available on iPhones, for example, where you can transfer what you are listening to a HomePod speaker, is expected to come to smartphones with Android 13. In this way, you will be able to transfer the media you watch or listen to, called Tap to Stream, to a device that may be at your home or workplace.

What do you think about this subject? Do you like Android 12? Do not forget to share your expectations and opinions about Android 13 with us in the comments!

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