Android 12L fixes the wallpaper bug

Android 12 It was released just last month. However Google’s already bringing many innovations Android 12L It turned out that he rolled up his sleeves to release the operating system. With the new version, it was informed that problems such as wallpaper and games crashing that some users experienced will be resolved.

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Google’s panacea mesir paste: Android 12L

Android 12with a dynamic theme, revamped widgets, and privacy enhancements. Material You It is an important update that introduces new features such as That’s why Google’s Despite testing the operating system for more than six months, it’s no surprise that the final release found a large number of bugs.

Before Google The problem, as explained in detail by Android 12It looks like changing the wallpaper in ‘ will result in a configuration change that forces all application activities to restart.

In this way, the device can use the new colors in the wallpaper for the theme. But this configuration change, Material You Although the colors are not used, it also affects the games. Therefore, it will be useful to use a fixed screenshot until the update comes.

The bug was first reported via Google Issue Tracker in mid-September. It has not been resolved since the company has since rolled out multiple updates. According to Mishaal Rahman this issue will be fixed in Android 12L. The fix is ​​intended to prevent crashes by ensuring that background wallpapers don’t trigger theme changes or force restart app activities.

Android 12L will be available primarily for foldable devices, tablets, and devices with large screens. But it will also fix a number of unresolved Android 12 woes. Google has so far only released the first developer preview of Android 12L.

Beta testing for the operating system is set to start in December and run through February. So the final version is scheduled for release in early 2022. Until then, you can prevent this error from getting in the way of your gameplay by disabling your automatic wallpaper changer or increasing the change interval.

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