Analysts Evaluate Bitcoin: “It Will Maximum Reach This Level in 2023!”

Finder analysts, cryptocurrency and 56 experts from the fintech sector of bitcoin has prepared another report aimed at predicting its future price.

Analysts’ 2023 Bitcoin Predictions

The latest BTC forecasts report published by Finder, the consensus is that Bitcoin this year at $29,095 indicates that it is on the verge of reaching the top.

However, it is also predicted that BTC will end 2023 with around $26,844 per unit.

Also, Finder’s panelists expect a deep drop to $13,067 per BTC. Ruadhan O, director and founder of Seasonal Tokens, believes that BTC will peak at $27,000 per coin due to concerns over central institutions in the crypto industry.

“The price is low right now because potential imminent disasters are priced in,” Ruadhan told O Finder’s researchers.

“By the end of the year, market sentiment will change and once the fear is gone, the market will rediscover the rarity of BTC.”

Nearly 21% of panelists expect institutional investors to leave the crypto market by turning to different asset classes this year.

Nearly 65% ​​of Finder experts, including Fxpro senior market analyst Alexander Kuptsikevich, believe the price of Bitcoin is low:

“The most active period of the sales wave is over. 2023 will be a year when prices will recover carefully. However, a true FOMO market is unlikely to arrive until 2024-2025.

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Finder analysts say that 16% of panel members believe BTC is currently overvalued, but the vast majority of 56 panelists believe BTC will be much higher in value after the next halving event in 2024.

The panel currently predicts that the value of BTC will rise to $77,492 in 2025, and $188,451 per coin in the six-digit region by 2030.

Damian Chmiel, senior analyst and editor at Finance Magnates, predicts that Bitcoin will be around $70,000 per coin in 2025.

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