Analysts Detected the Highest Time of Bitcoin’s Rise and Explained the Reason!

Matrixport, a digital asset finance services provider, bitcoin and altcoins He shared an analysis of which times of the day gain the most value.

Matrixport Analysts Announce the Hours That Bitcoin and Aptos Rise the Most

Matrixport analysis states that almost all of Bitcoin’s 40% year-to-date gains occurred during US market trading hours.

Here are the highlights of the detailed report shared by analysts:

The article suggests that many investors were surprised by Bitcoin’s 40% rise this year, pointing to favorable macroeconomic conditions as a contributing factor.

The author suggests that smart investors are using the latest US inflation data as a signal to buy Bitcoin and other crypto assets, predicting that this could turn into a monthly trend.

Chart showing the performance of BTC price in the last month.

The article also highlights that most of the rally took place during US market hours, indicating that institutional investors are buying crypto assets. The author proposes that institutional investors configure a diversified portfolio that generates returns through staking rather than just buying Bitcoin.

The article also suggests that after the March Shanghai update on Ethereum, the vast majority of users will always stake tokens, which will put downward pressure on returns and upward pressure on prices.

*Not investment advice.

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