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Analyst Miles Deutscher, who has more than 270 thousand followers on Twitter, pointed to the crypto money project that should be considered, which is likely to “50-100x” in the upcoming bull run, in a tweet series he shared. Moreover, the analyst said, “The next SOL and MATIC may be in front of your eyes.” Here are the details…

Cryptocurrency analyst pointed to these altcoins

The analyst specifically pointed to some cryptocurrencies that have not yet been released. Deutscher has unveiled the as-yet-unreleased layer1-2, interoperability protocols and dApps it’s eyeing for the next iteration.

Layer 1 projects

Starting primarily with the layer-1 projects, the analyst pointed to Sui Network. As we reported, Sui is a high-performance L1 that uses the Move programming language. It was founded by former Facebook engineers who worked on the Diem project. Some see this coin on Aptos. Another project that the analyst pointed to was Sei Network. Sei is a project built on Cosmos. The main purpose of this project is to be faster and more reliable than others. In addition, according to the descriptions of the project, their aim is to become a “decentralized Nasdaq”.

The third coin that the analyst drew attention to in the Layer-1 area was Celestia. Celestia is a modular network that allows anyone to easily deploy their own Blockchain with minimal hassle. Third, Deutscher pointed to Fuel Labs. Fuel Labs is building Fuel, the “world’s fastest modular execution layer.” Modularity allows execution layers to increase the security of Ethereum without being constrained by the limitations of EVM. Processes are executed in FuelVM, which is their virtual machine. The last coin that the analyst drew attention to in the Layer-1 area was Quai Network. Quai Network is a network that uses a new combination of converged mining and sharding.

Layer 2 projects

Coming to the Layer-2 area, the first project the analyst pointed to was zkSync. “It is very clear that ZK is the future in terms of Ethereum scaling,” the analyst said. ZK’s full mainnet is not yet available. However, the analyst shared the chart below, emphasizing that the ecosystem is already quite large. The analyst pointed to StarkWare as second in the layer-2 space. StarkWare’s goal is to remove network congestion on Blockchain.

Deutscher pointed to Arbitrum in third. It has achieved massive growth in TVL, exceeding $1 billion. Like Optimism, Arbitrum is a rollup of Optimism. “Tokens are coming soon and are one of the most anticipated token launches in crypto,” the analyst says. Fourth, the analyst highlighted the Hermez project that Polygon will launch. Polygon recently acquired Hermez, a ZK rollup scaling solution. They are consolidating networks ahead of Polygon’s zkEVM Mainnet launch.

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