Analyst Has Listed! Crypto Projects Invested By Binance!

Hercules DeFi, a crypto analyst focused on the DeFi and Web3 space, talked about Binance projects in his latest tweet thread. The analyst pointed to a fund size of $7.5 billion, underlining one of the largest venture capitalists of Binance’s investment arm, Binance Labs. It has listed 8 out of 165 projects that Binance has invested so far. Here are the details…

The analyst drew attention to these crypto money projects

Hercules DeFi recently highlighted several exciting projects Binance Labs has invested in and are making a splash on Twitter. According to the analyst, these projects showcase the ongoing innovation in the industry. One of the projects mentioned is Space by Space Metaverse. Space is the metaverse that provides a platform for creators to create immersive experiences in 3D. Space offers a space for conceptual design, allowing creators to unleash their creativity within the metaverse.

Zecrey is another interesting project mentioned in the Twitter thread. Zecrey is a layer-2 protocol based on zk-Rollup that prioritizes privacy and scalability. It provides a user-friendly wallet that covers both L1s and Zecrey local L2s, ensuring a smooth and secure DeFi experience. The wallet offers users two systems, Zecrey Zero and Zecrey Legend, each offering different functions to meet different user needs.

Another promoted project is DoraHacks. This platform serves as a meeting point for developers. It connects hackers, hackathons, grants and rewards. DoraHacks attracted attention with a significant amount of funding of $25.32 million and an active community of 88,932 developers. Thus, it has become a vibrant hub for developers in the DeFi ecosystem. Also, Velvet Capital was highlighted as a DeFi operating system. This project helps institutions launch and manage on-chain financial products. Velvet Capital promotes accessibility and transparency in finance by leveraging the power of Blockchain technology. It also provides a way for traditional institutions to embrace the benefits of DeFi.

Mysten Labs is also on the list

Hercules also mentioned Fusionist, a gaming-focused blockchain. Recently, Fusionist came up with the ACE airdrop. Also on the list is Life Form, the hyper-realistic 3D avatar editor. This could enable the use of NFTs as digital identity. The avatar of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao was created with this app as follows:

On the other hand, As we reported, Mysten Labs, behind the Sui Blockchain, drew attention. Mysten Labs makes a name for itself with the popularity of Sui. It is also one of the rare projects that uses the programming language called Move. Because the creators of this language are the people behind Mysten Labs. Another project on the analyst’s list was Arpa, focused on cryptography and security. The analyst underlined that Arpa’s mainnet will be activated this month.

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