Analyst Gives Entry Levels for Cardano, Ripple and MATIC!

We examine the analysis of Cardano, Ripple and MATIC, where popular analyst Josh Moden determined the buying levels.

Cardano, Ripple and MATIC price analysis

Let’s start with Polygon (MATIC). According to the analyst, MATIC price recently swept the dips from a key resistance and started a rise. Those looking for a good entry level can expect $1.4. Moden is targeting $1.75 with 50% retracement from this level. If MATIC, currently traded in the $1.8 band, pulls out to $1.40, the analyst thinks Polygon could continue its rise and re-establish the $1.88 resistance barrier. This climb will mark about 30% gains from lows. If the buying pressure increases, MATIC price could expand this increase and set the highest range to $1.97.

Next up is Ripple (XRP). As we reported, the XRP price followed the rest of the cryptocurrency market over the weekend. According to the analyst, XRP price has completed the most bearish weekly candle close and as of now, XRP now has very few support structures left. Moden suggests a potential buy zone is around $0.88 and $0.73, respectively. He adds that the XRP price must eventually close at or above the $1.18 level to create a clear and renewed bull market for the bulls.

As for Cardano (ADA), the analyst analyzes that a good entry is at $1.29 and $1.08. If the downtrend continues, the next pattern target will continue with $1.29. The bulls will have to push and sustain the price above the 20-day EMA to clear the bearish outlook. The analyst thinks that ADA may touch the $1.87 resistance after these moves. But he adds that Cardano is relatively bearish, unable to accompany Bitcoin in October, and has steadily dropped to its lowest price point in 90 days.

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