Analyst Explained: This Level Is The Ideal Region To Buy Bitcoin

As the cryptocurrency market continues to support the bulls, well-known analysts and traders keep updating their bitcoin forecasts. At this point, the analyzes are divided into two: Will the Bitcoin price continue to rise and reach $25,000 or will it drop to $21,000?

Professional crypto analyst Credible Crypto expects the rally in Bitcoin (BTC) price that started in early January to continue. The analyst recently shared a in the tweetHe said that Bitcoin has the potential to continue to its $25,000 upper target in an upside move.

However, the fact that the BTC price has already encountered strong resistance causes some analysts to expect a move to $ 21.5 thousand. According to the analyst, the area between $19.5k and $20.5k in a potential drop is the ideal buying zone. Traders buying at this level can make significant profits when Bitcoin price rises above $30,000.

Crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe said that the BTC price had difficulty breaking the critical resistance at $23,100. told. Therefore, if Bitcoin continues to make lower highs than before, it will likely test $22.3k until it is more likely to continue.

You can follow the current price action here.

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