Analyst Announces: This Altcoin Is Ready To Explode Above 100%!

A widely followed crypto trader believes that a top 10 altcoin could double in price amid the crypto market bounce. The crypto analyst, nicknamed Bluntz, has 223,000 Twitter followers after the Ethereum (ETH) competitor’s Elliot Wave Theory completed its three-wave rectification model. as well as after it bounced off a major support level wither that you “like” (LEFT) told.

According to Elliott Wave theory, the main trend in an asset’s price action occurs in a five-wave pattern while correction occurs in a three-wave pattern.

“One of the altcoins I like here is SOL.

Strong reaction from a major support level, clean three waves down move on higher timeframes.

I think it has 100% upside potential and I rarely say things like that.”

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Altcoins At the time of writing, it is trading at $ 16.75.

bitcoin(BTC), the pseudonymous analyst says that the crypto asset is giving a bullish signal on the daily chart.

“A nice downtrend/bullish flag breakout on the daily chart.

I think it’s time to start taking risks again.”

A bull flag pattern typically signals that an ongoing uptrend is about to continue before the price drops.

Bitcoin is trading at $ 28,840 at the time of this writing.

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