Analyst Announces 5 Altcoin Projects That Can Make a Bull Run!

Crypto analyst, nicknamed CryptoBusy, shares the top 5 altcoin projects that investors should consider for explosive future earnings. we too We have compiled the analyst’s posts in his own words for our readers.

Leading crypto and bull run altcoin projects

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin bounced off the mains and showed a nice structure break on the hourly timeframe. It’s a demand level, and if we go down, we could see some nice confirmation and then a continuation up to our target of $45,000 to $46,000. This is a clear bullish trend and no support has actually been broken.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum price broke to the upside, hitting as high as $3,411 and then dropping to $3,250 but there is a lot of potential for it to go higher. The next target is near $3,800 very soon, but it needs to continue this bullish momentum along with the rest of the market.



RUNE is doing great, but its price may drop due to the bear market. The buy zone is around $4 or $5. The market is rising and hopefully we can sell the RUNE for around $10 or maybe $20.


Left (LEFT)

Altcoin price is in an uptrend and we are looking bullish to move up to our next target, which will be around $179. If we can break that down, we could be looking at somewhere between $200 and $250 for Solana.


Terra (Luna)

LUNA price has broken its structure and we have seen this key level in the $65.55 range. The stop loss is below the $62.46 low. We can set the target around $99 or around $100.


Polkadot (DOT)

DOT is doing well and is out of downtrend. We can test this level of broken builds for around $24. If it does, we will see a push to around $31 as the first target. This is the next level of supply target.


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