An Unbelievable Detail Discovered in a 46-Year-Old Mars Photo

In the images taken by Viking 1, the exploration vehicle that first landed on Mars, it was discovered that there was a disaster on the red planet billions of years ago.

Scientists, 46 years ago Viking 1, the first rover to land on MarsThey set out to investigate the Martian surface photographs taken by .

As a result of the research of 46 years of photographs, it was determined that there was an ocean on the Red Planet billions of years ago; This is the reason why it has become what it is today. They came to a conclusion that they thought was the ocean.

The photo, which is almost half a century old, has always been a mystery to scientists:

For scientists, the photo sent by Viking 1, which was put on Mars, has always been confusing. Because here Why are there so many stones? they did not understand.

Wanting to make sense of the abundance of stones, researchers first considered the possibility of a volcanic eruption or meteor strike, but There were no traces of lava nearby, nor a crater large enough to be caused by the meteor..

The stones you see below were transported by mega tsumani waves that took place in a placid ocean that was once on Mars!

Later, based on the theory that ‘Mars had an ocean’, they thought that these stones might have been transported here as a result of a huge tsunami. By mapping around the area where the photo was taken, the researchers found that this area was indeed They found a huge meteor crater 110 km away.

According to the researchers’ theory, 3.4 billion years ago A 9 km diameter meteor hit the northern equatorial region of Mars and 13 million megatons of TNT energy caused a mega tsunami. This is how these stones got there during this mega tsunami disaster.


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The possibility of a catastrophic event on the red planet that wiped out the dinosaurs on the same Earth billions of years ago is really exciting. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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