An iPhone Doesn’t Make It Easy: The Most Failed Apple Products

Apple is the maker of some of the most popular personal tech products, that’s true, but that wasn’t always the case. Let’s dive into this forgotten past together on our list of the most failed Apple products in company history.

apple, Since its establishment, it has become one of the world’s largest computer, technology and software companies with its success and creativity. NSMatch, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iOS… All they have been adopted and consumed by so many people that when you hear the word “i” alone, the first thing that comes to your mind is usually Apple.

Despite all these successes, like every other company, Apple has experienced various failures and setbacks in its history. While going through these processes, some of its products were subjected to harsh criticism by users and technology critics. Some of their products were not sold or the products that were sold were extremely unsuccessful. With a brief glance at history, the most unsuccessful Apple products We have compiled the list for you.

Apple Quicktake 200 digital camera (1994):

apple For the Quicktake 200, it was a move that stood out as one of the first digital cameras to get out of the downturn they were in. Although a camera that can be connected directly to a computer may seem simple now, in 1994 it was no more than a dream for many.

One of the major issues with the Apple Quicktake 200 was its price. Apple attributed the price of $ 749 to the fact that the technology was the first. However, that wasn’t the only problem. The camera has a very bad resolution and a very low memory of only 8 photosI had. It also lacked focus and preview features. The biggest problem is that the camera only apple The computer series was to be compatible with Mac.

Apple Newton (1993):


The company once again broke new ground apple When he launched the Newton, it debuted as the first of today’s pocket computer technology. A kind of pocket assistant When it was introduced as a notebook, it aimed to meet people’s needs such as notebooks or guides.

When the Newton started to be used, its problems also came to light. First of all, the software was really hard to manage and was constantly causing unwanted bugs. Especially the handwriting feature was so bad that it was ironically mocked in cartoons and TV series at that time. In addition to these problems, when the sale price of $ 699 was added, Newton was not very popular; most unsuccessful Apple products It deserves to be on our list.

Power Mac G4 Cube (2000):


most unsuccessful Apple products It may be a little interesting to have it on our list. In fact, the Power Mac G4 Cube is one of the most beloved products in Apple history for a large number of people. The reason is its magnificent visual design. It is so aesthetically pleasing that there is a Power Mac G4 Cube in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Of course, visual design is a very important factor for individual technological products. But the product is what matters. very poor in usability was staying. The detail that Apple has overlooked, which also maintains the expensive standard in this product, overheating problem and that the skeleton was very prone to cracking or breaking. In addition to these problems, the Power Mac G4 Cube was also experiencing low performance problems. Still, Apple managed to make a decent number of sales with its outstanding visual success.

Macintosh TV (1993):


In fact, in 1993, when the product was produced, it was a revolution with its technology that allows watching television from a computer. As well as being the first Mac produced in black, it’s a small control instrument, a desktop consisting of a mouse and a keyboard was the set. The problem is, until then – maybe even after – apple was that it was one of the ugliest, vulgarest things ever produced by As successful as the Power Mac G4 Cube is, imagine the opposite.

Macintosh TV could not achieve the desired sales figures, it was withdrawn from the market in a very short time and its production was stopped. In this short time, approximately 10,000 units soldNS. This number Apple products It took its place in history as the lowest sales figure among

20th Anniversary Macintosh (1997):


in 1997 Apple’s 20th anniversary in honor of Although the computer he produced had an aesthetic design, it burned pockets with a selling price of 7500 dollars. The main problem was that the computer was just an image. Although it was a very aesthetic design for its period, it was a very bad computer in terms of performance.

The computer, which was initially thought to be produced as the main product, was then offered for sale as a limited and special series. This also contributed to the price increase. However, in the content of the computer, the design of which was completed in a very short time, apple The poor performance was harshly criticized by the users, as it preferred the components that are already used.

Apple Booth (2019):


Launched at the end of 2019 apple The biggest reason why we included the stand in this list is that it will be on this list 10 years later. What makes the Apple Stand a candidate for this list is that you are giving the $1000 fee to a stand that has no function other than keeping the screen upright.

apple it has always kept the price scale high from the past to the present. Although it was sometimes criticized a lot, it managed to meet the expectations of the users with high quality, useful and aesthetic products. However, putting a $1000 price on a booth was so disturbing that it was booed by the attendees at its promotion. Considering that the price of the iPhone 11 is currently around $1000 in America, Apple Stand seems to be one of the biggest candidates on this list.

Macintosh Performa x200 (1992):


The year is 1992. apple Macintosh released the Performa X200. The problem of the product, which is visually in Apple standards, was again the content. Due to the economic stalemate brought about by the recession, the company made a lot of cuts in the production of this computer.

apple produced while trying to get out of the situation he is in. Macintosh Performa X200 besides the poor performance, its design was also not very useful. Apple took its place in history as one of the products that brought the lowest performance and sales success compared to the period in its history.

Apple e.World (1994)


Apple, which we usually know with its hardware; It should not be forgotten that there are also software successes such as iTunes, Safari, iOS. apple e.World could actually be one of them. The problem, as always, was the price. As a result of wrong marketing strategies e.World did not reach the expected audience. It has only been in use for 2 years.

eWorld was a US-only online service that gave you easy access to your e-mail, news and software. In addition to its ease of use, it was also interesting with its unique features. If the price $8.95 per month was determined as. If that’s not too much for you, let’s say that the service is from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm and the additional service fee is $ 6.95 per hour. Maybe your mind has changed.

Apple Bandai Pippin (1996):


apple The Bandai Pippin was a game console released in 1996 as a competitor to the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn. All Apple products Although it was a good and quite powerful console in terms of performance for its period, its biggest problem was again its price.

Compared to other consoles, it had few games and its games were not as successful as in other consoles. However, its price of around $600 was much higher than its competitors. For this reason, it could not reach the desired audience. Those who are curious can find the whole story of this unfortunate console here.

Apple USB Mouse (1998):


Produced in 1998 as an aesthetic and remarkable alternative to standard mouse designs. Apple USB Mouse In fact, it was a product whose purpose was achieved in theory. It was really different with its flattened round form, it looked really nice and was named among the users. “Hockey Puck” as spread. Unfortunately, Apple realized that this difference caused problems in use long after the product was introduced to the market.

Aside from the fact that the structure of the mouse makes the sensitivity in use difficult, the cable of the mouse was also designed very short. apple Aside from the Hockey Puck’s problems, its biggest misfortune is that it coincides with the laptop’s USB ports being moved from the center to the left side. Short cable and difficulty to use This caused the product to have a short lifespan.

iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen (2009):


launched in 2009 3rd Generation iPod Suffle It had a more minimalist design and control dynamics than the previous generation. It will help you understand when we say that it is the smallest music player in the world. But the problem was that this minimalist approach made it quite frustrating to use.

All the controls of the device were reduced to a button on the headset. But most people did not have this headset or did not like the structure of the headset. Besides that, one-button control on the earphone apple was not as useful as its designers had imagined. After listening to a song, to listen to that song again, you had to listen to the new song for 6 seconds and then press the button on the earphone 3 times. Even as I write, it’s confusing.

Apple III (1980):


apple The II was not only the best Apple product to date, but also one of the best computers on the market. Apple III, on the other hand, created great anticipation because of the Apple two. Steve JobsDue to the desire to remove all vents and fans from the design, it was decided to manufacture it from a thinner metal for temperature control, but this was not enough.

apple III had important features, especially for business users, such as a lowercase keyboard and typewriter-like size. Despite these features, the lack of cooling of the new design, after a while of use, the chips inside the computer really melted due to high heat.

apple Of course, he found a way to solve this problem, but during this time he could not prevent the product from gaining a rather bad reputation. First to market 14,000 Aplle III was withdrawn and the fees reimbursed to users were a huge economic burden on the firm. Then the defected Apple III is approx. 70,000 Although it reached the sales figure, it could not forget the historical failure created by the first version. most unsuccessful Apple products The Apple III, at the top of our list, is cited as the biggest failure in the company’s history.