An innovation that will make money from Twitter to Android users!

twitterRecently, it has managed to stay on the agenda by bringing many new functions to the platform. After many innovations, it introduced a feature in early May in September. iOS offered to its users. That feature, which is active only for users over the age of 18, is now Android It is also available on devices. So what is this feature and what does it do? Here are the details…

Twitter has fixed the biggest problem in the web version!

Listening to users who have been experiencing the ‘disappearing tweet’ problem for two months, Twitter has brought a significant change to the web version.

Twitter Tip Box is now on Android!

After a viral tweet or on special occasions like birthdays, sometimes people would share their account numbers on Twitter and collect donations to help someone who is sick and in need. Realizing this and wanting to provide convenience to its users, Twitter, for this purpose, certain profiles. Tip box (Type Jar) added.

The button for the new feature is located next to the feature to turn on messages and notifications next to the follow button on each user’s profile. To enable this feature, you must be a selected Twitter influencer, nonprofit, expert or journalist.

From within the application to a user whose Tip Box is active. Patreon, Paypal, BandCamp and venso You can send money directly via for tip soon bitcoin It is thought to be possible to use Feature only over 18 years old offered to users. After iOS, this feature is finally available on Android.

Other paid functions coming to the app

For years, Twitter has been a casual app, with nonprofit creators tweeting mostly for entertainment purposes. But lately, Twitter has also rolled up its sleeves, as every social media platform brings functions that somehow extend to commerce. And it started bringing in paid features, including the Tip Box.

The company has a live broadcast and chat feature. space publishers, users to participate in a fare launched a beta version that also allows He has recently broughtSuper TrackingWith its ” feature, it provides a great advantage especially to content producers. It allows users to make some of the content they share visible only to subscribers.

What do you think about the features that Twitter has brought recently? You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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