An Artificial Intelligence Has Been Developed That Detects Garbage On The Street

A new step has been taken in the issue of environmental pollution, that is, garbage, which almost all people ignore and see as someone else’s problem. An artificial intelligence has been developed that can detect the location of the garbage with the help of a camera, which we can call something like a garbage scraper, and show where it is on the map.

Today, the waste problem is unfortunately a very big problem. The fact that there is a large amount of garbage in the seas after the land also causes serious damage to the marine life. In fact, NASA’s Perseverance vehicle, which explored Mars, recently, during its studies. Human garbage on Mars had detected. The litter was the remnant of one of the spacecraft’s thermal blankets, but the fact that it was miles from Perseveranca’s landing site was confusing. Even NASA In his official statement, he stated that he wondered whether this garbage had come into space during a landing or by wind.

environmental pollution Garbage, one of the main reasons, is one of the things that people ignore. This ubiquitous thing is easy to spot, but the world has become a huge dump because of things that most of us don’t even bother to pick up. Unfortunately, most people see garbage as someone else’s problem. However, this problem is for all of us and it is certain that this problem will grow even more in the future.

Developed a system that detects garbage with a camera

in San Diego A citizen named Nathaniel Felleke, who lives in the city, developed a very interesting and useful method to find a solution to the garbage problem in the city. Felleke thought that the location of the garbage site could help the municipal teams with the clean-up and automatically garbage locator established a system that This young man, who created a photo collection using Edge Impulse and roadside images from various sources, also created a model to distinguish garbage. In this system created, a car mounted on the glass of the car to find the garbage. Web cam captures images while driving and Raspberry Pi 4 motherboard It detects garbage. When a trash is detected, the Pi 4 will transmit the GPS location of the trash via its cellular modem. to cloud database sending. Thanks to this system, which detects garbage on the streets of San Diego, a heat map is created about where the garbage is and the data obtained. to Google Maps being integrated.

This is how the garbage detection system works:


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