An archive that will last 1000 years! Asus ZenDrive V1M review!

Developments regarding CDs, which have been in our lives for a very long time and suddenly disappeared from our lives, continue, and we still continue to use CD technologies, albeit to a lesser extent. We are with you with the Asus ZenDrive V1M review video.

CDs began to enter our lives as of 1982. CDs, which started to enter our lives as the first music discs, quickly grew to 700 MB in size and began to be used in many different areas, from movies to games, from operating systems to the installation of many programs.

Asus ZenDrive V1M review!

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We cannot see optical drives in end-user products, especially in products released in the last 5 years. Both desktop and portable computers often no longer have optical drives.

Today, versions without an optical drive are released even in game consoles. But there are still game consoles and home entertainment systems with optical drives.

So, in what other areas are optical drives such as CD, DVD, M Disc and Blu Ray used? Why still buy DVD burner?

Enterprise use

Today, there are CD and DVD drives in computers used by many corporate companies. Corporate companies continue to use optical drives for both archiving and printing.

You can do many things with CDs and DVDs, such as accessing old backed up data and using CD / DVD for new backups, video and written information, installation of corporate programs and operating systems.

Health sector

Let’s say you had an MRI. They will probably send you the image of this MRI on CD or DVD. CDs / DVDs are still used because they can be stored for a long time without any problems and are an affordable type of archiving.


Asus ZenDrive V1M is the best portable DVD reader for CD and DVD for both end users and enterprises. It not only has a fast and common interface with USB Type C, but also reads and writes CDs and DVDs.

Having both Windows and MAC support, Asus ZenDrive V1M can store your data for 1000 years with M Disk technology. Especially with such a portable product, you can safely back up your data. It is a very good alternative for both corporate and personal archiving for many years.

Asus ZenDrive V1M features

  • ASUS ZenDrive V1M external DVD drive and writer with built-in cable storage design
  • Compatible with Windows 11 and macOS
  • Convenient cable storage: 24 cm internal connecting cable
  • USB-C interface: Compatible with new generation ultra-thin laptops
  • M-DISC support: Stores valuable photos, videos and data for up to 1,000 years
  • Drag and burn: Create disc in three steps via intuitive interface. (For Windows only)
  • Disk Encryption: Easy data protection with password checking and hidden folder functionality. (For Windows only)
  • Built-in backup software: Easily store videos, photos or data with Nero BackItUp software. (For Windows only)

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