An AI Wins the Game of Self-Diplomacy

CICERO, the artificial intelligence developed by Meta, has now taken its place among the best players of the popular strategy game Diplomacy, after learning about games such as Chess and Poker.

Artificial intelligence manages to achieve more and more remarkable works with each passing day. creator of works of art from artificial intelligence to the Lord of the Rings for you in a few hours able to write Researchers, who have dealt with almost every subject, from a system to a system, have now developed artificial intelligence, which is an expert in a different field.

He accomplished the impossible in the game Diplomacy, which was released in 1954 and later turned into a video game. won the game. So what exactly is this game that trained the AI ​​to win Diplomacy?

The world’s most realistic diploma game

Diplomacy is essentially a modern tactical multiplayer strategy game. Originally designed as a desktop game, the game was later released as a video game. With multiple players from 7 major countries (Britain, France, Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy, Russia and Turkey) in the game where you manage someone, your goal is to complete the missions of the game and finally build your great empire by conquering all the countries in the game. The highlight of the game is You can’t win this game just by playing. Negotiating constantly with your opponents, predicting their moves, and You really have to make decisions like you’re running a country.

CICERO, the game artificial intelligence system developed in Meta’s laboratories, ChessAfter eliminating his opponents one by one in games such as Poker and GO, he started playing Diplomacy. CICERO, who taught himself Diplomacy, a game where human relations are important and you have to negotiate one-on-one with other players, completely comprehended the game after a few difficult games. began to dominate its rivals.

Artificial intelligence, which proved to be one of the best by entering the 10% of the players playing the game, also managed to deceive its opponents. Although it was explained to the participants that they played with an artificial intelligence at the end of the games played, no player believed it could be real. The artificial intelligence, which crushed 82 different players, so to speak, also while playing the game. joking with other playersnegotiate with them over text chat and He did not neglect to give advice to them..


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CICERO proves that artificial intelligence is gradually becoming indistinguishable from humans in the internet environment. We hope to see him in games such as CS: GO and Valorant soon. Who knows, maybe one day CICERO will lead your team to victory..

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