Amazon Will Pay Its Employees’ University Tuition

Amazon created an investment package of 1.2 billion dollars in order to both find new employees and keep existing employees in the USA. Within the scope of this package, the company will cover the university tuition and other education fees of its 750 thousand employees.

E-commerce giant trying to increase the amount of employment for the post-pandemic period Amazonannounced that it has taken a step to attract Americans to the company. According to the statements made by the company 750 thousand employees University fees will be covered by Amazon itself. before too Wallmart made a similar statement and announced that it would cover the school expenses of 1.5 million employees.

According to the statements made by Amazon, it is with numerous educational institutions across the country. agreement case made. In this way, people who want to continue their education life while working within Amazon will not have to pay any price. Moreover, among the employees in language or other areas those who want to study The costs will be covered by Amazon.

1.2 billion dollars will be invested

The pandemic period has caused many people to lose their jobs. This situation affects industries that need direct manpower, such as Amazon. more impressed. In the statements made by the company, it was stated that it was difficult to find personnel for the future of the industry. As such, the company, which had to open the mouth of the purse, in order to retain its employees and find new employees. 1.2 billion dollars will invest. A part of this investment will be spent on education.


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