Amazon Prime and Hepsiburada Premium competition has started!

We knew that Hepsiburada had been trying to create a tighter competition environment with Amazon for a while. As a matter of fact, it has confirmed this with the “Hepsiburada Premium” package, which it offered for sale for a short time on its website yesterday. Although this service is not yet operational, Amazon Prime seems to hold tight.

Hepsiburada has taken the competition to the next level: Amazon is also expanding its Prime service!

Turkey is ahead of many European and world countries in e-commerce. Therefore, it has become a very competitive market. In fact, in 2007, the world’s largest e-commerce site eBay, became a partner of GittiGidiyor to be included in this market. In 2011, it took the majority share of 93 percent and put it under its own roof.

However, after 15 years, he could not stand the competition in the market any longer and announced that GittiGidiyor would be closed and withdrawn from Turkey. It is known that behind this decision, some big sites from Trendyol to Hepsiburada and Amazon are involved.

Hepsiburada launches Premium subscription service!

Hepsiburada launches Premium subscription service!

Hepsiburada launched its new Premium subscription service with competitive price. However, this posting was quickly removed.

Now, Hepsiburada is preparing to offer its new Premium service for sale by making a move against Amazon’s Prime service. The contents of this package are as follows:

  • Free cargo
    • You can enjoy free shipping on all your purchases.
  • 3 percent Hepsipapel earnings
    • You can spend the Hepsiburadas you earn on Hepsiburada.
  • Free BluTV
    • You can watch all BluTV content free of charge during your subscription.
  • Free furniture assembly
    • You can have the furniture you buy from Hepsiburada assembled for free.
  • Free return at the door
    • You can easily return the products you bought from your address on any day.
  • priority call center
    • You can get support without waiting time by connecting to call centers with priority.

After this move, it was said that Amazon could fall a step back. However, according to the claim, the existing services will be expanded with the announcement to be made by the company in the next month. Of course, it is not yet known how this will affect the price.

Prime Gaming has outdone itself: 30 games are free!

Prime Gaming has outdone itself: 30 games are free!

30 free games to be given by Amazon Prime Gaming in July have been announced. Its value exceeds 2 thousand 300 TL.

To list the services that Amazon Prime subscribers benefit from, first of all, you have the option of free and same-day delivery shipping. You can also shop with great discount campaigns for subscribers.

Secondly, the digital streaming platform called Prime Video is free. Finally, dozens of games are offered for free every month. For example, 30 games for 2300 TL will be given next July. Moreover, now, it is said that these services will expand even more. founder Hakkı Alkan, who shared on the subject from his social media account, said:

Competition is a good thing. After Hepsiburada announced its Premium service, Amazon, the company that brought this business to the fore in the world, also takes a step forward. There will be some innovations in the Prime service. On July 5th, we will convey these innovations from the words of Amazon Turkey Country Manager Richard Marriot.

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