Amazon Introduces Its New Robot That Will Carry In Warehouses

Amazon has announced Proteus, its new fully autonomous robot that will take on transport tasks in its own warehouses. Unlike other robots, Proteus can also work safely in manned areas.

By eliminating the need for cashiers in its stores until today, to the goal of autonomizing everything advancing Amazon today introduced its new robot that will make things easier in its own operations. The company’s new fully autonomous robot will serve in Amazon warehouses ‘proteus‘ happened.

The most important feature that distinguishes Amazon’s new fully autonomous robot from other robots developed for warehouses is where people are described as the ability to operate safely. With this feature, the robot will not be able to work in an unmanned area surrounded by cages, unlike previous robots, but in a common area where people are also present.

Here’s how Amazon’s Proteus robot works:

According to the shared statement, the Proteus robot, ‘advanced security, perception and navigation technologies‘ hosts. A video posted by Amazon also shows how the robot takes things from one point to another in a manned space. The robot can lift 22 kilograms of weight.

Amazon plans to deploy the Proteus robot in its warehouses starting next year. Of course, Amazon’s new robot, on unemployment It has already started new discussions. On the other hand, Amazon’s robotics department previously stated to Forbes that replacing humans with robots is a mistake that could cause a company to go bankrupt. The company also argues that all of its new robots increase safety.


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