Amazon Ends Its Charity Program AmazonSmile

Amazon has decided to close AmazonSmile, which allows users to donate to charities they want by shopping. The move comes after the tech giant laid off thousands of employees to cut costs.

Amazon, one of the largest companies in the world, provides services in many different areas from artificial intelligence to e-commerce. In addition to these services, the US technology giant also provided services in 2013. AmazonSmile He started a program called

AmazonSmile, which can be described as a charity program, allowed customers to donate to charities. More specifically, users were able to donate 0.5% of the value of their purchases from the products included in the program to any organization of their choice without additional charge. However, a statement made today showed that the program, which serves a very good purpose, will unfortunately be terminated.

AmazonSmile will close on February 20

Amazon announced that it will end AmazonSmile, which has been going on for 10 years, with a post it shared. It was also among the statements that the program would end on February 20, 2023. If the reason for the termination of the program, the company not having the desired effect He said he would continue to support charities.

Since 2013 when it was founded with the AmazonSmile program Your $377 million donation is said to have been made. While this number is quite high, Amazon suggests that the amount is not enough to keep the program going. Let’s also add that the company will make a one-time donation to participating charities in 2022 equivalent to three months of their earnings.

Is AmazonSmile really shutting down because the program didn’t deliver what was requested?

Although Amazon says that the program does not deliver what is desired, there may be another reason behind the decision. As it is known, recently, most technology giants are due to economic uncertainties. in an effort to reduce costs had entered. Amazon was one of them.

The company fired 18,000 employees a few weeks ago. biggest layoff in history had accomplished. In addition, previous plans to build 42 new facilities were shelved as part of ‘cost reduction efforts’, while Amazon Care healthcare and were shut down.


Amazon Handles Largest Mass Layoffs in Its History: 18,000 People Will Be Fired!

This reveals that one of the reasons behind the closure of AmazonSmile may be to reduce costs.

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