Amazon Employees to Strike on Black Friday

Amazon employees in 20 countries are preparing to strike as part of the “Make Amazon Pay” campaign on Black Friday. Employees are demanding better working conditions from Amazon.

Employees, workers, who have become a chronic problem throughout human history in many parts of the world exploitation of workers Unfortunately, the problem continues in different forms in the modern world. Not only in small businesses, but also in the world’s giant brands, the labor of even employees can be exploited. In this direction Troubles between Amazon and its employees nor does it end.

Amazon, the retail and e-commerce giant founded by Jeff Bezos, has previously with the various complaints of the workers had come to the fore. Against Amazon, which drew reactions especially during the pandemic period, employees said,Tired of racism and air pollutionThey came together and started a strike where they expressed their complaints about many issues, especially working conditions. Amazon employees On Black Friday preparing for another strike.

“Amazon is at the heart of a failing system”

Developed with the support of 70 unions and organizations, including Greenpeace, Oxfam and Amazon Workers International.Make Amazon PayAs part of the ” campaign, Amazon employees in 20 countries were on Black Friday. strike they will. Individuals from everywhere “from oil refineries to factories, warehouses, data centers, corporate offices” are expected to participate in the strike, which will be held on November 26.


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In the list of requests shared on Make Amazon Pay’s website, “It has been revealed that during the pandemic period, Amazon puts profits before workers, society and our planet. Amazon takes too much and returns too little” was included. While making a request for improvement in working conditions in the list, “With these bad practices, Amazon is fueling inequality, climate collapse, and the democratic decay that is wreaking havoc in our age. at the heart of a failed system takes place‘ it was said.

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