Amazon buys your data for $2!

Amazonwill pay users who allow their smartphone to monitor ad traffic. Within the scope of the company’s new advertising program, the ads that the participants see, where they see them and at what time of the day will be followed.

Amazon will track your phone ad traffic for $2

Amazon’s new ad tracking policy breaks new ground. Company, $2 per month It will track the phone ad traffic of users who accept the payment. According to the program’s website, the data collected will help brands deliver better service and make Amazon ads more relevant.

Amazon wants to review all the ads users see, including its own ads. It will also track when and where you see these ads. According to the company’s statement, the $2 reward will only be available to users invited to participate in the program.

Thanks to Amazon, everyone will be able to “analyze”!

Thanks to Amazon, everyone will be able to “analyze”!

Amazon’s innovation is aimed at predicting changes in the business world without the need to be an analyst.

Amazon’s new advertising program will currently be limited to the US and UK. But it started to raise privacy concerns from day one. Many users on social media have voiced their complaints about how Amazon handles sensitive user data.

Amazon pointed out that invoices containing sensitive information will be deleted and the program can be exited at any time. While the data to monitor is pretty clearly stated, it has been stated that VPN or DNS settings need to be tweaked.

In 2016, Facebook made a similar move. The company, which wanted to monitor the application activities of users for market research, offered gift certificates up to $ 20 per month to people who participated in this program.

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