Altcoin Officials Announced: Billions of Dollars Supply May Be Restricted!

The Open Network (TON) discusses suspending 191 inactive addresses. The amount of TON coins these addresses hold is just over 1 billion. That equates to an average of $2.5 billion, or 21.3% of the current supply.

Voting is scheduled for February 21, but the final date is uncertain. The TON Foundation requested that the miners on the network be active, and this offer appeared soon after.

These wallets, which are planned to be suspended, have been inactive for a long time and do not participate in mining activities. Transactions before voting ends are required to protect wallets, as they will be active. Addresses that are not included in the initial distribution are excluded from this definition of inactivity.

TON Coin Wants to Strengthen the Ecosystem As we have reported, there is only one way for this development to happen for the TON Coin ecosystem. This means that 75% of the validators participated in the voting. If the offer is accepted, accounts will be suspended for four years and transactions will be restricted. The list will be made public.

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At the time of writing the news, the number of addresses with a total balance of more than 1 TON coins and no transactions were 191. While these addresses hold 1.08 billion altcoins in total, they hold 21.3% of the supply.

According to the statement made by the TON Foundation, this offer is an important indicator of the value placed on the network. In addition, some validators and users are optimistic that freezing these wallets will increase transparency regarding the amount of TON in circulation. This activity is also expected to increase vibrant community participation in the transparent project.

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