Altcoin Developer and NFT Company Downsizing Amid ‘Securities’ Decision

Dapper Labs, the developer of the Flow network and NFT company, has allegedly laid off 20% of its employees as part of a corporate restructuring.

The Block February 23 Dapper Labs CEO, in his news published on Roham Gharegozlou by to investors according to a letter sent 20% of them quit their jobs claimed to be given. In the letter sent by the CEO, the company institutional One to restructure when it was stated that he went strong cash position It was noted that.

last year in November of your staff 22% of CEO of company known to fire from gharego He used the following terms in the letter:

I would like to state that we have made the difficult decision to part ways with 20% of our employees, as part of a corporate restructuring of the company in the near future. However, our company has a strong debt-free cash position. We believe that we can achieve long-term sustainable growth with the right cost adjustment.

On the other hand, the company NBA Ball Shot Moments Named NFTs, a US federal judge recently Victor Marrero by securities was defined as. Also opened by the CEO counterclaim by a federal judge had been rejected. Gharegozlou has not yet heard of the case on the matter. did not result stated.

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