Alpenhof Murnau, Black Forest Resort Dollenberg & Hotel Maximilian in check

Time out. So far, I was more familiar with this trend from young adults who pack their rucksacks after completing their studies and want to explore the world. Or from stressed managers who, after years of 60-hour weeks, treat themselves to a sabbatical month and swap their suits for casual khaki pants.

But between lockdowns, political mountain-and-valley trips and the omnipresent question: “Can I travel now and if so, how and where to?” Well, you don’t have to study again or drastically increase your weekly working hours to allow yourself some private quality time in the country. You don’t even have to get on the plane, you can travel to one of Germany’s great hideaways in a relaxed manner.

As readers of my column, you know my preference for remote luxury hotels. For the hidden jewels that offer excellent service, generous space for me and my thoughts and a unique experience of nature. It is precisely these characteristics that characterize a perfect hideaway for me – I want to enjoy a piece of untouched nature far away from my everyday life and at the same time enjoy the comfort of a five-star hotel.

The Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, which I already described in its own column, is one of them. With Nordic charm and a rough sea breeze. At the other end of Germany, in Elmau Castle, the well-known call of the mountains sounds louder than anywhere else. Even if I will probably no longer be a mountaineer in this life, the Alps cast a spell over me and ensure that I increasingly explore hideaways with a mountain view. In southern Germany you will find three special hotels for a successful autumn break.

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The Alpenhof Murnau: Artistic backdrop with Bavarian charm

If you have ever strolled in the Bavarian Murnau and the adjacent Murnauer Moos, then you know the indescribable feeling, the comforting calm that suddenly sets in in this setting. Sparked by the contrast between the flat, almost barren moor landscape and the striking peaks of the Alps, which interrupt the vastness with a rugged, natural border. The play of colors and light inspired numerous artists before me, such as Wassily Kandinsky, and are two of the impulses for the “Blue Rider” movement in painting.

Bavarian charm

On a day that is not suitable for the mountains, guests can take a dip in the heated outdoor pool.

(Photo: Alpenhof Murnau)

The Alpenhof Murnau captures these inspiring natural moments for its guests. As a native of Murnau, hotel manager Christian Bär knows the region very well, he can tell you exactly whether the weather is right for a mountain hike or whether it is better to spend your day in the Finnish Kelo sauna and in the spacious spa of the house.

One of my favorites: the heated outdoor pool. On a day that is not suitable for the mountains, I can immerse myself in the charm of Bavaria and take the space in nature that I want during my break. In addition to the Murnauer Moos, you should definitely take a detour to the picturesque Staffelsee, a perfect jogging tour awaits you here.

In the evening you can enjoy Bavarian delicacies interpreted in a modern way in the “New Bavarian Kitchen”. Particularly noteworthy are the fine wines, which round off a relaxing day in my break for me. Guarino Tugnoli has been a sommelier at the Alpenhof for 37 years, and his wine list is one of the five best in Germany and one of the 400 best in the world. A pleasure for wine connoisseurs and those who want to become one.

New Bavarian cuisine

Bavarian delicacies and fine wines are served by Guarino Tugnoli, sommelier at the Alpenhof for 37 years.

(Photo: Alpenhof Murnau)

The ambience and what is on offer at the Alpenhof Murnau follow a clear, traditional, modern line and offer everything I could wish for in a southern German hideaway. Also the courage to try something new: Christian Bär uses the Corona time and gave the dark exterior elements a facelift. Now everything shines in light natural wood, the new terrace rooms convince with direct access to the park.

Black Forest Resort Dollenberg: Relais & Châteaux

In addition to the location and the amenities of a five-star hotel, exclusive hideaways are particularly characterized by the “behind the scenes”, the unique history of the hotel. I recently told you about the touching history of the Sonnenalp Resort in the Allgäu. The Black Forest Resort Dollenberg writes a similarly fascinating development.

A vision implemented

Today’s five-star Relais & Châteaux was once a guest house that Meinrad Schmiederer took over from his parents.

(Photo: Schwarzwald Resort Dollenberg)

The house comes from the vision of a boy who first becomes a cook and then takes over his parents’ pension: Meinrad Schmiederer. With visionary courage and hard work, the master chef finally managed to turn the inconspicuous pension into today’s five-star Relais & Châteaux. The incredible panoramic view of the Black Forest hills has remained, as is the devotion to the guests and the love of cuisine. In 1998 the dishes in the “Le Pavillon” restaurant were awarded a Michelin star, followed by the second in 2010, which continues to delight gourmet lovers to this day.

Tip: If you book three nights, you will receive the six-course gourmet half-board at a discounted price. And regardless of the price, this is a real recommendation.

Hotel Maximilian: In the middle of the Ammergau Alps

You are sure to know the tranquil Oberammergau in Bavaria from the world-famous Passion Plays. The Hotel Maximilian is only a few minutes’ walk from the Passion Play Theater. For me, this house is the epitome of Bavarian tradition. The wooden balcony railings are decorated with flowering plants for most of the year. The outer facade of the hotel is perfectly embedded in the rural Bavarian surroundings.

In warm temperatures you can enjoy a piece of Bavarian lifestyle in the hotel’s beer garden. Of course, this also includes a beer. The Ammergauer Maxbräu is brewed in-house and is available in the restaurant of the same name. The specially marked Maxbräu dishes combine the art of brewing with regional products. The oven-fresh crust roast from the country pork is served with a Maxbräu beer sauce.

The epitome of Bavarian tradition

The Maximilian’s wooden balcony railings are decorated with flowering plants for most of the year.

(Photo: Hotel Maximilian)

Vegans and vegetarians are also considered, because everyone is welcome. Another essential feature of a hideaway is skillfully lived in this place: the authentic culture of the place combined with a refreshing openness for the guests.

Conclusion: oases with charm and chic in southern Germany

Hideaways, the hidden oases of the hotel industry, convince with their unique location, their own character and offer plenty of space for a relaxing, inspiring break. This is exactly what you will find in the houses in southern Germany: The luxurious spa world in the Alpenhof Murnau, the traditional, rustic character in the Hotel Maximilian and the Park Dream emerged from the vision of a boy in the Black Forest Resort Dollenberg – Relais & Châteaux. You can read here in the Handelsblatt on November 26th which of these hotels makes it into the ranking of “The 101 Best Hotels in Germany”.

About the author: As a former grand hotelier and operator of a travel platform, Carsten K. Rath is a globetrotter by profession. He travels to all of the hotels he writes about for the Handelsblatt on his own account. Rath is the source of ideas for the new ranking “The 101 Best Hotels in Germany”, of which the Handelsblatt is one of the partners.

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