Almost Half Of Twitter Trends Are Fake

Today, we take a look at the details of a previous study on how uncanny the Turkey agendas on Twitter actually are. It is useful to approach everything from a distance, especially in these days when opposing views are clashing due to the economic crisis.

These platforms, which have become synonymous with our lives over time, become stronger as they become stronger. management of the masses It is also used for different and malicious purposes, we already know that. However, when it comes to social media trends in Turkey, especially Twitter, which has now become “mainstream”, the color is a little different.

Located in Lausanne, Switzerland Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)covering the years 2015 to 2019 and Turkey conducted a research focused on The results of the research were published in April 2021, and we have updated this news based on the latest agendas, considering it important.

47 percent of Turkish trends and 20 percent of global trends are fake:

your twitter based on tag (#) trend system takes the most shared topics, words or popular tags in a certain time period and makes them a list and provides this list to users to be informed about current issues. This system, which seems quite innocent in theory, has unfortunately been used for years according to research. bad intentions It was used on and worse, it continues to be used.

From the research staff Tugrulcan Diamond; trends in Turkey. 47 percent ofwhile global trends 20 percent of is fake boots announced that it was created by Diamond from June 2015 to September 2019 Your 108k bot accounts He added that it was revealed.

According to the statements, these bot accounts include both contracted persons and individuals who have downloaded a malicious software to their phones, as well as those who use the information of real people. fake accounts exists. Because these people’s accounts are used to manipulate trends no news. When they have news, they have no information about what to do.

What types of titles are used?


Gambling ads, misinformation campaigns, political slogans and actions against vulnerable communities hate speech, one of the most common among the titles.

Another author on the study by Rebekah Overdorf According to their statements, this can cause huge problems, as Twitter trends attract a lot of attention. Overdorf, in his statements, exemplified the fakes that took place in the trends. #SyriansFuck shows the label and states that this label, which has caused great controversy in the media, was created for purely manipulation purposes.

What is Twitter doing about it?



Twitter Surprised What To Do: Blue Tick Request Feature Reopened After 4 Days

According to the statements, the researchers communicated with Twitter. twice contacted. make any changes to the first rejecting Twitter did not respond to the e-mails sent by the researchers in the second phase. According to Elmas’ words, the problem is still in progress. In other words, the trends opened for manipulation still exist, and unless this vulnerability of the Twitter trend algorithm is corrected, fake trends will continue to exist with the same methods. You can find the entire research here.

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