Almost 1.4 million voters migrate to the SPD

Voting in North Rhine-Westphalia

In the most populous federal state, 12.9 million people were eligible to vote.

(Photo: dpa)

Dusseldorf The political mood in Germany has turned: According to projections, the SPD is slightly ahead of the Union at around 25 percent, which will probably achieve its historically worst result this year. According to an analysis by the ARD, the CDU and CSU lost voters primarily to the Social Democrats: instead of ticking the box with the Union in 2017, 1.36 million voters voted for the SPD this year.

But these are not the only losses, as the survey by the polling institute Infratest dimap shows: According to the Union, around 900,000 migrated to the Greens. 340,000 votes were cast to the FDP, other parties received 440,000 votes. 40,000 citizens who voted for the Left Party in 2017 now voted for the Union.

According to ARD, the Left Party lost the most votes to the Social Democrats: 590,000. Another 470,000 went to the Greens, 370,000 voters decided not to vote this year, 110,000 opted for the AfD instead of the Left Party, and 100,000 for the FDP.

According to the analysis, the Greens recruited voters from all parties: Most of the voters came from the Union and the left. 320,000 from the SPD went to the Greens and 260,000 from the FDP. 60,000 voters came from the AfD.

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