Allegedly Newborns Have Been Vaccinated With COVID-19

Ege University Faculty of Medicine Lecturer Prof. Dr. Zafer Kurugöl made a scandalous statement in an interview with NTV. The scientist explained that even some newborn babies were accidentally shot with the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the professor, this “mistake” produced positive results, contrary to expectations.

While the whole world’s fight against coronavirus continues, there has been a remarkable development regarding vaccines, which is the only weapon that will end the epidemic. Ege University Faculty of Medicine Lecturer Prof. Dr. Zafer KurugolIn an interview with NTV, he claimed that even newborn babies are “accidentally” given the coronavirus vaccine from time to time. your professor scandal allegation has caused reactions.

prof. Dr. According to the statements made by Zafer Kurugöl, babies are mistakenly The fact that the coronavirus vaccine has been shot has not caused any negativity so far. According to the scientist, this mistake has also led to some positive results. Kurugöl stated that antibody formation was observed in infants who were accidentally vaccinated against coronavirus and that no no side effects seen declares.

Center of error, health centers

Ege University Faculty of Medicine Lecturer Prof. Dr. In the statements made by Zafer Kurugöl, the following statements were included:

Sometimes things happen by mistake. For example, they can mix it with another vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, measles vaccine. in health centers. Young children are vaccinated against COVID-19. We have encountered such cases. I assure you there were no side effects in these people. And it was extremely good antibody. 6 months old baby Good things happened even with a 1 month old baby. We will publish these in a very famous medical journal soon. Even if you give high doses to small babies, there is no problem in terms of side effects.

prof. Dr. Kurugöl’s allegations are currently unconfirmed although there were some statements made before on the subject. During the epidemic, we hear the name of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Head of Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Mehmet CeyhanHe spoke on the subject as follows;

There is no app for kids yet. Children with the currently available vaccine cannot be vaccinated. There are certain conditions for working on a new drug or vaccine in children. That product should be studied and applied sufficiently in adults so that you will look at their observations and you will see how reliable it is. Both our laws and our ethical rules have protected children in this regard..


There is no intention for this, let alone working in Turkey. There is no study in the USA other than the study conducted by Moderna. You don’t say, “Bring it, work in Turkey, bring its results” for this type of products and vaccines. You give permission by looking at the work done. Not every product is licensed by working in Turkey.. Let’s say the study ends at the end of next month, with the results of that study, companies apply to the health authorities of the countries, get their permission and start immediately. There is nothing that will take years. No re-animal experiments, no re-phase 1 studies. Only phase 3 studies of licensed vaccines, which we call phase 4 in adults, are conducted in children, after that permissions are granted.

Professor’s claim sat on the agenda of social media

prof. Dr. Zafer Kurugöl’s statements to NTV caused a stir in the public. anyway the heightened anti-vaccine The claim, which came to the fore in a while, caused social media users to make countless shares. These posts were full of reactions, as you can imagine. We are also for you, twitter We have compiled some of the posts made by users on the subject…


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